Full-Path attribution models are also known as a Z-Shape giving you a deep dive into the intricacies of attribution modeling. In addition to the three key touchpoints that W-shaped attribution modeling tracks, a full-path model also includes the customer-close touchpoint. This includes post-opportunity stage marketing initiatives in the attribution model as it incorporates sales mobile attribution definition activities into the overall marketing mix. Armed with this insight, it allows sales team’s to follow up interactions which can be measured in sync with touchpoints from marketing activities as well. If your marketing campaign is targeted at people who are already in the sales pipeline, then you should consider using the full-path attribution model for both PC and mobile.

Half of the ROAS calculation is dependent on the cost per acquisition. That cost in turn is reliant on the conversion rate of your App Store or Google Play page, which is driven by your creatives and messaging on-page. As a UA person trying to increase ROAS, without improving your user acquisition costs by increasing app store conversion rates, you’re working on only half the ROAS equation. Use a solution such as Storemaven to methodically increase your paid conversion rates. Let’s say your company has developed a graphic design app that lets users craft stunning images for Instagram.

How mobile attribution improves advertising campaigns

That’s why it’s important to look at your company size and marketing goals before anything. This feature helps you build your marketing budget based on cold data, thus maximizing your app growth. Adjust also purchased Acquired.io, which is a data aggregation platform.

mobile app marketing attribution

For example, integrating Kochava’s software development kit on your mobile app allows marketers to make decisions about their campaigns based on data in real-time. With an MMP, marketers can access a broader data pool without the hassle of collecting it themselves. As a leader in app attribution, AppsFlyer’s MAMA Library features an array of useful and informative mobile industry studies and marketing guides.


By understanding and applying the right models to app marketing, we can start understanding where our users are going, and why. Multi-touch attribution reveals the whole picture of user journeys by setting equal credit values for each step. It recognizes all advertising channels the user interacts with during their journey rather than just one ad. Marketing attribution, in general, is the practice of matching causes such as channels and campaigns with effects such as purchases and revenue.

  • Engagement eventstell the marketer what sorts of early-in-the-buying process the user has taken.
  • In light of the different options, choosing the type of attribution model that meets your marketing needs is essential.
  • Deterministic methods use personally identifiable information such as device ID, prioritizing accuracy.
  • Marketers want to identify when their ad campaigns are successful, so they employ mobile attribution platforms to link impacts to drivers .
  • The major attribution platforms on the market luckily respect this principle.
  • If campaign A gets more instals than campaign B, this isn’t always a sign that campaign A will provide you with a better return on investment.

Without a comprehensive seamless flow of data, data integrity would be easily compromised. The technology was really accurate but also really intrusive regarding users’ privacy. Amongst the data collected to obtain the fingerprint there were IP address, operating system, web browser, hardware of the mobile phone and even the battery charge. Thus, it is not surprising that Apple’s updates about IDFA and users’ privacy have made it impossible to use fingerprinting anymore. However, as we have stated before, probabilistic attribution remains an effective alternative to Skadnetwork to enhance mobile attribution for app install campaigns in the post-IDFA era. Then, MMPs analyze all these parameters and behavioural data through machine learning algorithms in order to attribute the marketing action to a specific app install campaign and media source.

Small but valuable: how to leverage 27% of iOS users with an IDFA

Mobile attribution is the act of applying this same process to the world of apps. Server-to-Server API can be used to track not only touchpoints but also conversions. By integrating Branch into all channels, you get accurate measurements that allow you to improve user experience. Foundation – This plan gets https://xcritical.com/ you 10k conversions per month for $100/month. It includes everything from the free plan, plus additional features like configurable attribution by app and partner. Some of the interesting features AppsFlyer provides are multi-touch attribution, SKAdNetwork attribution, as well as retargeting attribution.

mobile app marketing attribution

You must also select a platform that is GDPR compliant and follows industry security standards. To sum up, mobile attribution is a crucial and essential element in the mobile marketing ecosystem and at the same time it is a complex topic to discuss. Mobile attribution provides the framework for matching marketing actions to their app install campaigns and their respective media source.

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Any efforts to retrieve the identification will result in a string of zeros rather than the identifier itself. An attribution window is a set amount of time a publisher can claim that a click or impression resulted in an install. For instance, an advertiser may set an attribution window of seven days. Periodically, we bring content from our partners that we believe is relevant to our blog audience. For more such articles in the future, please continue to visit our blog. Text-to-speech solutions offer a seamless way to read textual documents from smartphones and computers.

mobile app marketing attribution

Attribution solutions sometimes have rich customer behavior measurement offerings. Other platforms may use the term measurement in their names when they really mean attribution. What’s important here is that the tool you select offer both – coupled with the flexibility to shape them to the specifics of your business. Thus, the developers of mobile measurement solutions need to consider both real-time analytics and the ability to create high performance audiences in batches for future marketing efforts at scale. Engagement eventstell the marketer what sorts of early-in-the-buying process the user has taken.

What Is Mobile Attribution and Why It’s Important?

Ad Network – A platform that connects advertisers with publishers and acts as a middle point between the two. You can set a global currency code using the API below in addition to specific currency codes that can be used as part of each inapp event sent to AppsFlyer. Tech Partners Become a tech partner, or learn how to connect your marketing & tech stack with Triple Whale. That’s why we recommend Kochava for indie teams and small companies with smaller marketing budgets. Best of all, you can get free access to all the full features and raw data if you share your data with them. You can also integrate a wide range of third-party tools, meaning you can get tailored results for your analytic stack.


You get everything in the Zero plan plus mobile attribution, cohort and retention reports, LTV analytics, and many other cool features. Mobile attribution covers the entire user journey and allows you to track what made the user install your app or game as well as any action they take after installing it. When done correctly, mobile attribution can help you better understand which campaigns are driving results and convert those insights into better-performing future campaigns. Another challenge is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to attribution, so businesses must choose an attribution model that fits their specific needs.

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