You can refer to our guide on finding the right Gapps package and download one that’s appropriate for you. Download and transfer it to your phone’s internal storage. You can also install them right from your PC/Mac if you opt for the adb sideload method. Once you’ve found the ROM you want to install, download the ZIP file either on your computer or on your phone. Since you will need to data wipe your phone in some of the later steps, it’s advisable to do the file transfer later on, after the data wipe. But make sure that your phone can connect to your computer and can receive files, just to be clear that your device drivers are in place.

  • For one who does not know, when we root a device than a small su (SuperUser) file gets placed in the system directory of the Android device.
  • If in case, your device runs out of power during Android ROM backup or device backup, it may harshly impact the device.
  • After pairing, it exchanges a set of commands that enable the initiation of backup.
  • It is possible to boot into this partition, enabling you to power on and access the files on your phone without loading the Android OS.
  • The USB cable that you use to connect your Android device to your Mac is also the one that you use to connect your PC.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully installed TWRP on your Android device without using a PC.

After meeting all the requirements, follow these steps to perform Android full backup using Android SDK tool. Similarly, if you store your contacts in the cloud, there is usually no need to back them up again.

  • To restore a Nandroid backup tap the Restore button from the home screen and choose the backup from those listed.
  • When it’s done, simply tap “Reboot System” to wrap things up.
  • When it comes to MediaTek devices, the stock ROM contains a “Scatter File“.
  • If you don’t want this, tap on it and deselect Inject SuperSU.
  • His goal has always been to help as many people as possible learn something new about technology.
  • Things like SMS messages don’t get backed up so if you have anything valuable on your phone or tablet, it’s recommended that you transfer those individually.

All you got to do is just wait for a while as the system will take the backup of your device. Remember to name your backups with important information like date and partitions included. A full backup is anything that will restore your system state to when you made the backup. In Linux, I hope you know how to locate and cd to the parent directory of the adb command. This will open a command prompt (your window will look different than mine).

stock rom backup twrp

In some devices, you need to flash recovery image using ADB and Fastboot. Majorly this applies to the device which has Google’s stock UI such as nexus, pixel, most Motorola device, etc.

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